When I was seventeen, my high school journalism teacher told us there would no longer be a school newspaper because the administration could not afford it. 


But that just wouldn't do.


So, my friend Liz and I rolled up our sleeves and drove around rural North Carolina in her Jeep Grand Cherokee for three weeks knocking on small businesses' front doors asking for money in exchange for advertising space.

Spoiler alert: We did put out a senior newspaper, and it even won us some awards. 

Since then, I haven't stopped writing, pitching and rolling up my sleeves to find a way to publish stories. 

I believe in writing from a genuine and real place and telling the news authentically, no matter the medium.

After earning my master's in journalism, I now work as a news assistant at the New York Times. I’ve written for NPR, Yahoo Lifestyle! and Salon. I won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service as part of the Coronavirus Tracking Project team for the New York Times



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